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Eat here regularly. Very good

Josh, 05 Mar 2021

Would like option for pick up/ delivery time slots

Anthoy, 19 Feb 2021

This was SO good. Love love loved the burrito bowl and flavours. Moved from California and this morning is probably the most on par mexican food I’ve had in Edinburgh

Mareeha, 13 Feb 2021

Big portions

Shonand, 06 Feb 2021

Deliveroo app doesn't let you choose burrito options.

Trevor, 03 Feb 2021

Second worst burrito I've ever had from Los Cardos, you guys used to be really good what happened? The rice was undercooked and underseasoned, the haggis was crunchy, there was almost no salsa in there at all, the wrapping was messily done, and it was cold. So disappointed.

Claire, 07 Jan 2021

Keep up the good work.

Gregor, 06 Jan 2021

Hello We ordered two quesadillas (1 chicken and 1 vegetarian haggis) this evening. We’ve been having them for years and love the cheesiness. But this time there was very little cheese and I found it quite bland. Perhaps there was a different chef? I hope it gets back to what we’re used to. Kind regards Robin

Robin Turnbull, 03 Jan 2021

Big ups guys Happy New Year!! Correct guess!!

Jakub, 31 Dec 2020

arrived very quickly and delicious as always :-)

Nicki, 23 Dec 2020

No biggy but wanted to use my voucher but was told to use Just Eat site instead. However, collection and payment on arrival wasn’t an option....and one of the items on the order was incorrect (JE 110 052 1787)

Douglas, 20 Dec 2020

All is provided as expected

Gregor, 20 Dec 2020

After trying multiple burrito joints around Edinburgh we are so happy to have found Los Cardos- instant new favourite! We order every week now and it is delicious every time.

Kristen, 17 Dec 2020

Shame that our order was wrong :( No queso pot, but a salsa we didn’t order instead.

Alyson, 13 Dec 2020

I Love their Burrito Bowls!

Andrew, 09 Dec 2020

Not sure why it's 1hr for delivery but those nachos are amazing so.. :)

Daniel, 05 Dec 2020

Excellent - the salsa trio is a brilliant idea

Astrid, 04 Dec 2020

Excellent - the salsa trio is a brilliant idea!

Astrid, 04 Dec 2020

We think Los Cardos is great and we’ve been coming for years. We seem to have a lot of loyalty cards and we always forget to actually cash them in for something. Would be great to be able to use them when online

Arran, 28 Nov 2020

Hi there, I don't want this feedback to go live as I've always had the best burritos from you guys and I just want to share with you my experience tbis evening. I just wanted to say thay this evening was a bit of a disappointment as the burrito was pretty cold. Normally I order two but tonight we decided to share one and we are actually happy we did as we didn't enjoy it as much as we normally do. You can maybe see that I've made many orders with you in the past and it's the first time I'm not happy with my order. All I want and that you guys keep your standards up and keep having the best burritos in town! And I want to keep enjoying them :) Thanks, Claudia

Claudia Munoz Manco, 27 Nov 2020

  Reply : Hi Claudia, sorry about that. Please use code Taco in the coupon section for your next order for a 3.50 discount

I bought 2 burritos today in the shop at around 5 pm. Two women were making them at about the same time. I answered each question they asked - I've ordered lots of times here before and never had an issue. One of the burritos was a vegetarian one. Unfortunately, when I got home I realised that it did not have sour cream and cheese. So I'd paid around £8 for a tortilla wrap with rice, beans and fried vegetables and a little guacamole which it's very bland to eat. Vegetarian is one of the options on the board so I'm not sure why she assumed it was to be made vegan or didn't notice there was no cream or cheese. It was very disappointing to discover this at home as I'd been looking forward to it.

Michelle Size, 24 Nov 2020

All good!

Eliza, 19 Nov 2020

Buenas tardes, Soy Gabriela Aguado, mexicana haciendo un estudio de mercado. Me gustaría saber si ¿ustedes hacen sus toritllas de maiz o si tienen un proveedor? Si hubiera una tortillería de maiz en Edimburgo, ¿ustedes comprarían tortillas para su restaurante? ¿Qué cantidad de tortillas aproximadamente consumen a la semana? ¿Cuál es el precio por kilo de tortillas que pagan actualmente? ¡Muchas gracias! Gabriela. 52 1 55 26577298

Gabriela Patricia Aguado Correa, 29 Oct 2020

Hi Just wanted to pass on some feedback about our take away tonight. I got the barbacoa beef nachos and a carnitas burrito. There was one major issue in that the beef nachos were so salty and there was no sour cream with it to take the edge off. The burrito was great but the meat tasted quite salty too. We love coming to Los cardos and we will be back but just wanted to pass this on as we didn't enjoy the nachos as much as we usually do. Kind regards, Craig

Craig Finnie, 16 Oct 2020

Best burritos in Edinburgh!

Rob, 13 Oct 2020

Thanks. Everyone enjoyed their dinner.

Richard, 11 Oct 2020